The Deployment Support Network

You can choose who you would like to contact to access the New Zealand Defence Force's deployment support network and they will ensure you able to get the help you need.

Each part of this network has its own role and responsibilities but they all have the knowledge and ability to connect people to the support they need.  

Deployment Services Officers

The two Deployment Services Officers directly support deployed people and their families.  They are based in Linton and Burnham but support people throughout the country. 

From pre-deployment training, through the deployment and the return home they understand all aspects of deployment and are a recommended point of contact for families on all matters relating to the deployment. 

Unit Points of Contact

Unit Points of contact are people from the deployed persons unit who have been selected as a contact for the family during the period of deployment.  They are sometmes the preferred point of contact because they are personally known to the family.  They can often provide immediate solutions to local problems.  

Community Support  

Defence community based welfare support is provided to all Defence personnel and their families through the Defence Community Facilitators and the Naval Community Organisation.

Families are often already using these services and have an existing relationship with the community workers.  They are a good point of contact for local support and community resources.


Chaplains have a long history of service within the Defence Force and have expertise in pastoral care.  People often choose them as a first point of contact with regard to spiritual support or on a wide range of personal issues.


Service psychologists are not normally the first point of contact for families. 

They take part in the pre and post-deployment briefings and support the network with professional advice, resources, guidance and in some cases referrals for professional services.

This page was last reviewed on 29 August 2018, and is current.