Claudia Ayling

Claudia Baker

Claudia Ayling

Woodbourne Welfare Facilitator

Contact Information:

  • DtelN: 346 7177
  • DDI: 03 577 1177
  • Mobile: 027 2464910
  • Location: Co-located with the Chaplains in the Civilian Administration building across from the Airmen's Mess.  If I am not there I may be at the Community Centre (by the West Gym).
  • Office Hours:
  • Short message: As my job often requires me to be out and about, please call first to check that I am in.
  • Client Base:

Role and Responsibilities:

With Woodbourne being a training base, by goal is to ensure support is at hand for military and civilian personnel, particularly those separated from their families and friends.  My role is varied and flexible to meet the needs of all Woodbourne based personnel and their families.  In addition to providing community information and confidential support my specific responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating a smooth transition into the local community for personnel posted to Woodbourne by offering support and information on RNZAF and local community support services including support networks, transport, activities, childcare, schools/pre-schools, housing etc;
  • Running community tours for new personnel and making home visits as appropriate;
  • Supporting personnel/families with personal or work issues so they are able to continue to function effectively;
  • Referring personnel and families to relevant Base specialists or outside agencies as required;
  • Working with the Base Support Team to identify Base welfare issues and develop strategies to address them;
  • Organising welfare activities/projects and involving families of personnel when appropriate;
  • Providing community liaisons for sports, health, education, welfare and other community services;
  • Providing support networks for such things as parent groups, childcare facilities, school holiday programmes, aged care, special needs etc;
  • Providing an advocacy service to assist with dealing with government agencies like Work and Income New Zealand and Inland Revenue as well as credit providers, banks, schools etc;
  • Sending care packages to deployed personnel and participating in deployment briefings;
  • Maintaining contact with the next-of-kin of deployed personnel, alongside their official Point of Contact and organising the associated meetings and activities;
  • Maintaining contact with personnel on parental leave, extended sick leave, overseas postings, Leave Without Pay etc; and
  • Co-ordinating community newsletters and contributing to the Base Information Booklet, Air Force News, the Bulletin and the Bugle as appropriate. 

Services in area covered

  • Babysitters List
  • Before & After School care
  • Coffee Group
  • Community House
  • Holiday Program
  • House Sitters
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Nanny Service
  • Pet Care List
  • Welfare House

About Claudia Ayling

I was born and bred in Germany and emigrated to New Zealand in 2000.

I  have been able to build an extensive Network of support agencies and gathered much experience in walking alongside people who need support. Having been married to a serviceman, I have also understand the “survival skills” needed to be a “wife of” and often “part-time single parent”, so I feel I can empathize much with the struggles families have during times of separation.

I am passionate about working with people, utilising the strengths that lie within them or the family unit, and therefore to empower them. I seek to give equal attention to any issues that may affect you or your family, and can assure you that my service to you is absolutely confidential.

Please do call in to see me or give me a ring if you require advice or support of any kind. I will also be able to make home visits if required. My office is situated opposite the Airmen’s Mess just down from the Chaplain’s office,

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