Waiouru Community Welfare

Waioru Camp has a strong and active community.  By virtue of its location and primary function as a training centre Waiouru residents are by nature resilient, resourcefulnd community minded.
Waiouru CSO Office

The community support staff work with and for the Defence community to help create a supportive active community spirit.

Community Services Officer

Community Co-ordinator

Services Available

There are a variety of Services available in Waiouru and the community staff are always open to new ideas from the community for improvements.  Some of the current services provided by the Community Support staff are as follows:

  • welcome and induction for new Defence residents into the community
  • advice and support to individuals and community groups
  • information about community facilities and services including  health, welfare, recreation, education and childcare services

CSO Office Interior


This page was last reviewed on 15 September 2017, and is current.