Families with Older Children

This section is especially suited for young people aged 10-16 and their families.

Children and Deployment

Children and DeploymentChildren and Deployment [.pdf 1,736kb]

Having one parent absent for a long period of time, such as that required by a deployment, is a big change for children so it is not surprising if they react in some way. Some children exhibit marked behaviour changes, some display no changes in behaviour or emotional signs and others really flourish over the course of a deployment. Reactions can also vary between age groups, personality and temperament of the child, and stage of the deployment.

This information has been gathered from a number of different sources and is designed to help parents understand the range of reactions that children can have to a deployment and offer some ways of dealing with these.

Separations Happen

Separations Happen
[.pdf 759kb]

When families are in the military, separation happen; for some families they happen a lot. This is a booklet for teenagers whose parent or parents are in the Military. It is written with lots of help from teens who’ve been through Military separations. You’ll find their ideas on how to cope with separations throughout the booklet.

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