United Nations Missions

The following provides a short overview of UN Peace Keeping Missions NZDF personnel are deployed to.

 You can also get it more information about UN missions at www.securitycouncilreport.org 

Korea - UNCMAC: Nov05. SFC Aurand, ROK Soldiers and FGOFF Dan Abel outside TC West Offices in the snow

Korea - UNCMAC: November 05. SFC Aurand, ROK Soldiers and FGOFF Dan Abel outside TC West Offices

UNTSO: Israel/Lebanon

New Zealand Defence Force. New Zealand has eight military observers deployed with UNTSO in Israel, Lebanon and Syria. 

About Middle East - UNTSO - Background

UNMISS: Southern Sudan

Three officers working as Military Observers (UNMO’s) and a staff officer.    

UNMIT: Timor-Leste

United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT). One staff officer employed as a Military Liaison Officer.

UNCMAC: South Korea

Three NZDF officers to the UN Command Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC).  One additional officer is deployed to Yongsan, Seoul as the assistant operations officer on the UNCMAC HQ.  This is a six month rotational posting and the incumbent is involved with operations officer duties, and the completion of control checks on the various posts within the DMZ.

UNAMA: Afghanistan

NZDF Contribution of one officer to the United Nations Assistance Mission Afghanistan (UNAMA) working as a Military Liaison Officer (MLO) providing the strategic interface between multi-national forces and Afghan authorities.  The NZDF officer is the Deputy Chief of Operations at UNAMA HQ in Kabul.


One Officer as Assistant Military Advisor.   One NZDF Officer is providing liaison between the UN Assistance Mission Iraq (UNAMI), the Multinational Force and Iraqi Security Forces, as well as providing advice on military matters to the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG).  This officer is currently located in the northern region of Iraq.

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