Kosovo: 1999 - 2008

Support to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)

A/CDR Mark Chadwick overlooks the city of Pristina, Kosovo.

The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) employed one New Zealand Defence Force officer on the staff of UNMIK HQ in Pristina, as a Military Liaison Officer (MLO) from 1999 until 30 September 2008.

UNMIK's military liaison component was responsible for various tasks including assessing threats to the security of international civilian personnel and liaising with military forces throughout Kosovo. There were as many as 38 officers from 27 countries providing military advice to the UNMIK executive and other international organisations operating in Kosovo.

The NZDF had a lengthy involvement in the Balkans which is now over, with military observers first being sent there in 1992. Two years later New Zealand deployed an infantry company to serve in central Bosnia-Herzegovina.  New Zealand's contribution to Bosnia-Herzegovina ended in July 2007.

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