NZ PRT: Bamyan

The twenty first and final rotation of NZDF personnel in the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZPRT) left Afghanistan in April 2013. The focus for the final rotation was on continuing to mentor and train Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), and prepare Bamyan for NZDF's withdrawal. 

Map of Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan

Support Element: Middle East

There is a small team of NZDF personnel in the Middle East to provide a support mechanism for NZDF force elements deployed to Afghanistan and to assist co-located coalition partners.

Afghan National Army Officer Academy

There are 10 NZDF personnel working as mentors and support personnel at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Kabul.

On patrol in North East Bamyian with Kiwi Team One, performing both mounted and dismounted patrols.

What KT1 describe as a "typical day at the office". (WN-08-0042-25).

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