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Philomel Base Library Base Librarian Janet Gilmore

Just recently I have read books by two authors who treat their subject matter a little differently.

Christopher Farnsworth

Blood oath: the President’s vampire

For the past 140 years the Presidents of the United States have inherited a vampire who lives in the basement of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. He is the President’s secret weapon to be used against the other supernatural beings who inhabit the world. Nathanial Cade is the vampire and Zach Barrows is his new political liaison officer. Zach is very politically ambitious and is somewhat surprised at the new direction his career has taken.

Suspend your belief and this books becomes a fast paced and entertaining thriller. I imagine it may be the beginning of a series.

Sarah Addison Allen

Garden spells...The girl who chased the moon

In “Garden spells” the Waverley sisters are just a little bit different and they have an apple tree in the garden that is more than just an ordinary tree. A combination of harsh reality and just a touch of magic all wrapped up in Southern manners, this is just the book for those who like a little enchantment.

Emily Benedict is “The girl who chased the moon”, she goes to stay with her grandfather, in Mullaby North Carolina, after the death of her mother. There are a number of mysteries in this small town, why did her mother leave, why does the wallpaper in Emily’s bedroom keep on changing and where does the mysterious light in the garden come from? Read the book and you will find out.

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