Library Corner

Philomel Base Library Base Librarian Janet Gilmore

Here ia a small selection of new books that have recently arrived in the Base Library.

Gillian Turner

North Pole, South Pole: the epic quest to solve the great mystery of Earth’s magnetism.

This engrossing book tells, for the first time, the complete story of the quest to understand Earth’s magnetism - from the fascination of ancient Greeks with magnetised rocks to the astonishing modern discoveries that finally revealed the truth.

Patrick Lindsay

The coastwatchers

From their jungle hideouts, they warned of Japanese air strikes, reported on the movements of their ships and troops, and saved scores of downed airmen. It was the Coast Watchers’ reports that ultimately gave the Allies a vital edge in the Pacific, allowing them to take a decisive toll on the enemy.

Jeff Apter

Together alone: the story of the Finn Brothers Based on interviews, critical analysis, extensive research and the author’s 30-plus years of following the Finns, “Together Alone” is the first biography written about the Finn brothers. This is the story of breakthroughs, breakdowns, sibling rivalry and respect - and some of the best pop songs this side of Lennon and McCartney.

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