My name is Jim Gilmour, and I am the Commander Joint Forces New Zealand. It is my job to manage all of our deployments overseas and look after the people on those deployments as they work to support international security on behalf of New Zealand.


After the tragic events on Friday 15 March, I want to reassure the families of our deployed service people that you have the support of the NZDF, and we continue to support our people around the world. I assure you that everyone is trained, equipped and supported to appropriately manage their safety and security wherever they are deployed. Each mission is well aware of their environment and is alert for changes, although we have not seen any changes that are a concern.


Along with the rest of New Zealand, we support those in Christchurch and have had messages of support from those we work with internationally and our deployment partners.


If you have any concerns or issues here at home, I encourage you to use the NZDF welfare network. You can also contact the confidential NZDF4U Helpline and Wellbeing Counselling Support Service on 0800 NZDF4U (0800 693 348) or the New Zealand Health line (0800 611 116) for support.

This page was last reviewed on 5 April 2019, and is current.