Commander's Message to the Families of those Currently Deployed

As New Zealand is in our second week of Alert Level 4 restrictions, I wanted to update you on what has been happening in our operational space and here in New Zealand in terms of our ability to continue to support our missions. 


Headquarters Joint Forces New Zealand and my staff continue to support all our missions while also being heavily involved in COVID-19 planning and activities as part of the all of Government response.


Travel restrictions, border controls and lockdowns have been applied in a variety of ways around the world which affects what we do and how we do it.  Each mission has a unique situation and that can change  daily (even hourly) and often without warning. The team in Joint are closely monitoring these changes and assessing the impact to our international commitments.


Our people who remain in mission areas are all well-equipped, well trained and are being well managed under the requirements of their individual deployment locations.  We remain, as always, in close communication with all our deployment locations at all times.


We are constantly monitoring the situation with the intent of proceeding with planned deployments as soon as it can be done safely and we will be keeping affected personnel and their Next of Kin up to date with any decisions that affect them as soon as we can. 


I am sure that the lock down here in New Zealand is presenting both you and your loved ones with some new challenges, as it is for us all.   We hope that you and your whānau are managing as well as you can and are using the NZDF and community support that is available to you when necessary. Please be patient and look after yourselves.


Rear Admiral Jim Gilmour

Commander Joint Forces New Zealand


As always, please remember that Carol and Janine are there if you need to chat and can be contacted on:

Carol      0800 337 569

Janine   0800 683 77 327

This page was last reviewed on 3 April 2020, and is current.