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Our deployment newsletter with news from our personnel around the world and helpful ideas and information.


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Troops Leave for IRAQ 

The ninth rotation of NZDF personnel have departed for their training mission in IRAQ.


Regular Calls to the North Korean Hotline 

At least twice a day, a New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) officer serving at the heavily militarised border between North and South Korea calls the North on a hotline.




New Zealand Defence Force

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Welcome to the New Zealand Defence Force's (NZDF) Operational HomeBase

COMJ Major General Tim Gall in DPMs


HOMEBASE is intended to provide our deployment community with information that will  support and empower you during periods of operational deployment. 

If you are a deployed person, a support worker, a friend or family member of a deployed person, please use the resources this site has to offer.


Force 4 FamiliesFORCE 4 FAMILIES

The NZDF welfare website for initiatives aimed at contributing to better support for all Defence Families at all times.


Social Media Handbook 

To help you to protect your personal information we have put together a New Zealand Defence Force Social Media Handbook which you can download, read online or print out.  

What’s Happening Overseas


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